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Insight into Advocates Protection Bill, 2021

Insight into Advocates Protection Bill, 2021

Why should Judiciary and Police officials have all the fun?

The BCI, one of the prominent body in the legal system of India is now concerned for the safety the advocates and their family after the occurrence of few incidents which included threat to their security, henceforth it has called for suggestions on the draft ‘Advocates Protection Bill’ from Bar Councils, High Court Bar Association and SC Bar Association.

The Bill have come in talks after the incident involving a Jaipur based lawyer and his wife were attacked causing several injuries and in the view of similar incidents. The bill was drafted based on the recommendations of 7-member committee of BCI and is put on the table to ensure adequate protection to members of the legal fraternity, so that they can carry on their duties without any fear and worry about their and their family’s social and physical safety.

The offences under the act are cognizable and non-bailable. In addition to the punishment, the court may also award damages for the loss caused to property. Besides, the Bill provides for various social and physical reliefs for the advocates, some of them can be listed as under: –

  1. Punishment of rigorous imprisonment for causing injury to an Advocate
  2. Empowering Court’s to award compensation to Advocates for the wrongs committed against them
  3. Police protection in case of any threat
  4. Protection from illegal arrests and malicious prosecution
  5. Protection of action against an advocate for any act done in due conduct of his duties.
  6. Social security benefits in the form of grant of financial aid and assistance to all the needy advocates during any situation of epidemic and natural calamities.
  7. Loan facilities to needy advocates on reasonable rate of interest.

This move of the BCI will be praised and supported by all the advocates as this will allow them to work at their best without any fear from the outside world and will help them in the time of financial crisis. After providing all the perks to the important personalities of the legal system, now it is the time to provide the perks deserved by another important segment of law i.e., the Advocates. It is strongly hoped that the bill will become a reality in form of an enactment very soon.

The full text of the draft bill can be read here.